A Hard Road Home (Part Twelve) The Gift of Heritage


Chris Schultz  Meet Connor Talon Schultz……your new master.

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Chris Schultz  August 19……The greatest day of my entire life! Thank you so much Shalom.

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Chris Schultz  We have lots of pics comming soon.

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Shalom Kabala Schultz   You’re still up too, huh? Lol. I just woke up & HAD to look at the pics of my little miracle again. Can’t wait for us all to be together again tomorrow. It’s all so amazingly surreal. Love you!

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Chris Schultz  Day after Connors birth and I found myself crying to this sing on the way back to the hospital lol

Foo Fighters – Walk


Song off of the Album Wasting Light.

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Brandy Welvaert Great song. Totally see why it had an … effect on you! :*)

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Chris Schultz  Thank you all for the congrats and well wishes. I feel like in one fell swoop three lives were started this weekend. Here we go.

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Chris Schultz  The benchmark for all future babies. Try to live up to the new standard.

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Ann Eldridge Campbell He makes it very tempting..for sure

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Rebeccah Davis So who wrapped him??

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Chris Schultz I figured it out lol

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Chris Schultz  Thank you Mom and Dad-in-law!

Worth the Wait

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  They just brought him to me cause he was super fussy, thinking he needed to feed. But as soon as he was back in my arms, he passed out again. Guess he was just missing mommy. It’s nice to be needed I guess. Then again, we did spend 9 whole months together, why should it be a surprise? Love this little guy something fierce. 🙂

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Chris Schultz  He’s finally home!!!! time to wish we could go to sleep.

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  Home at last! Somehow it is NOT the same house I left. Dogs have moved out to the kennel for the time being-way too excited/noisy. Just had best feeding ever on L side for 24 min. C passed out on breast & couldn’t get him to latch on to R. Been asleep almost an hr…should I try to wake him up soon to take it or just wait til he lets me know he’s hungry again? Trying to get the hang of this…I thought I was pretty smart before, but this is a lot to learn in a short time 🙂

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Chris Schultz  ok, getting two 50lb Siberians used to the fact that theres a baby that they are only allowed to see from a distance is going to take a while lol. I hope they calm down and stop friggin whining soon ><

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  So, we’re both terrified to fall asleep at the same time because Connor can already easily roll himself over onto his side. We’re tempted to put him to sleep in his car seat, but I know that’s not recommended. Hoping a nice, tight swaddle will help…

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  Yes, we actually have a small play yard that he will sleep in at night (at least that’s the plan), which is right next to my side of the bed. Chris just ran out to get some newborn swaddling blankets like in the hospital. C really likes it & they do help keep him from thrashing so much. We’ll try that method first I guess & hope & pray for the best. Btw, I just have to say I couldn’t ask for a better husband to help me with this. He’s been like a foot away the whole time & so involved. I haven’t changed a single diaper yet & I suck @ swaddling while he’s become the resident expert, lol!

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Chris Schultz  ‎1:30 am—-still awake. Did I mention how much I love my new insomniatic son? 😛

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Chris Schultz  yup, its after 4 am. Love ya Connor. >< lol

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Chris Schultz  Its 5:20….1 1/2 hrs of sleep so far 🙂

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Audrey Petersen LOL. Awww I just had the funniest mental image of the two of you all bug eyed blood shot with a goofy grin on your face. He looks so sweet, I can’t wait to meet him and his little cousin Donny.

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Joseph Conklin  it has only just began:)

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Chris Schultz  ‎6:33………………..sigh

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Don Gilbert Get used to it… No use fighting the system.

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Alexis Anne Gilbert Welcome to parenthood

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Don Gilbert ‎1 night down, 6,569 to go!

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Laura Nolen Robbins Crazy as it seems, you will get used to it, and Conner will get better at sleeping longer. : )

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Chris Schultz  I am just hopeful that he will sleep in the bassinet soon or school is going to be very difficult lol. at least Shalom got a couple hrs here and there. This is the first all nighter I have pulled without video game involvement, ha.

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Laura Nolen Robbins Where did he sleep last night? You have to remember it was only his first night. I promise it will get better. I know everyone keeps telling you guys that but it really will!

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Brandy Welvaert Just channel any energy you have left into patience with s, and c. It will be rough for a while but you guys are so strong, you’ve got this covered.

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  Well, we survived the first night on our own. C ended up just taking turns sleeping with me or Chris cause he didn’t like not being held. So whomever was NOT on watch duty tried to get an hour or so of sleep until the next feeding time. I know we’ll have to find a way to break him of that habit eventually, but for now tag-teaming is getting us through. Once again, I’m SO grateful to have such an amazing partner to work with 🙂

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Chris Schultz   well, for only getting a1 1/2 hrs of sleep, I feel pretty good so far. The dogs have stopped whining so much to get downstairs with us. We will move upstairs today to see if they are still crazy hyper whiny mutts. I hope no one dares to think that my posts in the middle of the night were of a complaining nature. I just figured ppl would get some humor from the first night updates. =)

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Denise Eldridge Allen nope. didn’t take it as complaining. Love your facebook journal- makes me feel included in what is going on with my little nephew since I can’t be there.

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Amber Bailey No the complaining will come in a couple of weeks when you’re so sleep deprived you’re CRAZY! LOL! Kidding…It’s amazing and doesn’t last long enough!

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Chris Schultz  You’re only half kidding Amber lol, don’t lie.

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Amber Bailey  It doesn’t change when they’re 6 and 3 and sneaking in your bed interrupting your sleep either. LOL!

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Chris Schultz  i can’t wait lol

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Chris Schultz ‎  adding all the pics of Connor overtime to flickr, so check em out from time to time.

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Chris Schultz  ‎*over time

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Chris Schultz   and yes I noticed I said time 3 “times” get over it, I’m still excited lol

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Chris Schultz  


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Mary Climie Schultz Aww, the poor baby 🙂

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Audrey Petersen LOL I agree, poor baby! 🙂

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Rebeccah Davis And who wrapped him??

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Susan Bernheardt Blomberg Congratulations!!!!

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Denise Eldridge Allen I take it pink was all they had?

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Chris Schultz hand me downs lol

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Chris Schultz ‎…and I told you I mastered the swaddle, Becky

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  Stupid blood sucking vampire doctors. When are you gonna be done poking my baby?

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Chris Schultz   Just gave Connor his first bath and he, in turn gave mommy and daddy a shower immediately after drying. Timing is key. 

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  Hello 2 am. Just finished pumping what Connor couldn’t finish (did I mention how much I LOVE my breast pump? If only he could work that quickly, lol). SO happy, I will get a lil break come 5am meal time 🙂 This is the hardest, messiest, exhausting job I’ve ever done, but I’m loving every minute of it!

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Chris Schultz   I am coming to the conclusion that I need a third shift job. lol

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Jeremiah Hall You will get more sleep trust me on this one…

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Melissa Koontz Mangas  ‎6 weeks seems to be a magic number. worked for us too.

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Chris Schultz   I’ll look forward to it lol. Still, I can’t think of anything better to do at 1-5am than be with the lil guy.

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  Soooo full

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  He sleeps just like mommy. Mouth wide open & a steady stream of drool running down the side of his face, lol

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  lol. Eating certainly does seem to trigger the runs for C. I guess every baby is different. Some times he has trouble concentrating on nursing if he’s also ‘busy’ at the other end & if I can’t get him to calm down enough to eat I will have to stop, change him & then try to resume where we left off. It sure is interesting trying to get used to his rythms. I think I’m starting to notice that he’s much calmer during d changes if he’s fed first tho. Today, I changed him a lil later than normal & then just let him ‘air dry’ for a bit before putting his new d on. I read him a story in the mean time – he really seemed to enjoy it! Good to hear a variety of opinions from experienced mommas. Learning has never been so much fun 🙂

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  Sigh… was gonna change C’s poopy d before feeding him, but wanted to wait til he was ‘done’. HE didn’t want to wait to eat tho & is now in dreamland. Hate to disturb him right now, but don’t want him sitting in it too long…Advice anyone?

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  Have noticed I never stand still anymore. Like I’m always swaying back & forth, whether I have a baby in my arms or not. I’ve caught myself doing it while brushing my teeth, washing dishes, eating a quick snack at the counter…am just waiting for it to happen while I’m choosing tomatoes at the grocery store as the other customers slowly back away from ‘the crazy woman in produce’.

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  My son’s 2nd biliruben test came back ‘a little high’ again & since he IS showing some mild yellowing they want to test him again tomorrow (yay more pricks!). My question is when are they gonna be done ‘testing’ and actually DO something about it?

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Shalom Kabala Schultz   I know I can put him in the sun to help, but is there anything else besides hospital treatment? I suppose he’d have to show excessive levels or something for them to want to admit him…I just want him to be OK…NOW! Hate knowing that something’s wrong & feeling helpless. 😦

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Chris Schultz   I know that when the baby sleeps you’re supposed to sleep, but I find it incredibly dificult not to just sit here with him on my lap and watch him sleep the whole time. 

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Brandy Welvaert  best status ever.

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Dawn Bernheardt Kler Green Looks like you haven’t reached your breaking point yet lol! It is hard and they grow so fast. Enjoy EVERY second of him. Seems like Adyson was just born and she’ll be 1 in less than 2 weeks. Time goes by too fast.

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Chris Schultz  Ok, I am starting to suspect that either Graco laces all their baby stuff with some sort of illegal paraphernalia or that this new swing is just that friggin awesome. They should’ve called this product “3..2..1..sleep”.

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  Hold the phone…I’m coming downstairs to see this miracle for myself!

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  Finally caved in & shelled out $70 for a swing (after at least 10 other fancy gadgets failed to put our fed, burped, changed, cuddled yet fussy lil guy to sleep). So…miracles DO happen. As an old boss once said, ‘sometimes you just gotta keep throwing (*baby poo) against the wall til you find what sticks’. *he used a different word, which I shant repeat, lol

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  Chris’ basement diaper changing station

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Shalom Kabala Schultz   Um…honey? We need to talk. Now.

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  Connor got an A+ on his first exam. He’s getting a big, gold star when we get home 🙂

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  So, the ONE kind of nipple that Connor seems to like best is apparently not sold in stores ANYWHERE (it came in a variety pack). Similarly shaped ones in a different brand didn’t fit his bottles so I bought new bottles only to discover that ‘slow flow’ for this new brand means it will take C 2 hrs to finish a bottle. Grrr, why aren’t bottles/nipples universal like plugs for electrical outlets…or light bulbs?

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  OFFICIAL NOTICE: Breast feeding is NOT an exact science…OR a religion (in case anyone was wondering). However, starving your child IS considered child abuse. If you have nothing positive or encouraging to say to me, don’t say anything at all. Your negativity is not welcome here.

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Brandy Welvaert  YES!

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Alexis Anne Gilbert  Thank you Shalom. I am glad that you and I are on the same page. Sometime we have to give our babies formula when they need it so they don’t starve. Giving formula for a supplementation is a good thing so that our sons stay healthy and get the food they need. I love you. You’re a good mommy:-)

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Chris Schultz Anyone who dares to insinuate that my wife or sister-in-law don’t care about their baby because of the way they feed him needs to just keep their messed up ideals to themselves. Also, I love how ppl can preach to you about “God’s Way” while so obviously judging their fellow man. How pious can ppl possibly be? “I am better than you and this is why…” Are you serious?? Get over yourselves and try to realize that it is this same aggressive style of judgement that drives ppl away from you and God’s way. Trying to force your personal opinions on other ppl as law and criticizing them for doing things differently is definitely NOT God’s way. So for future reference to possible targets of this post, don’t preach to ppl in an obvious backhanded hypocritical fashion, it just makes you look foolish in everyone’s eyes. -This message was brought to you by the letter ‘S’.

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Melissa White Proctor You go Chris!!! I completely agree with you as well Shalom. I was planning on breast feeding Amelia but was in so much pain and the doc had me so drugged, that I couldn’t. Plus some blood pressure meds I was on would pass through my breast milk. So we ended up having to give formula. As much as I wanted to try I thought that as long as she was fed and content then that’s the way it has to be. I had a lady (a stranger) basically almost cuss me out in public b/c I wasn’t breast feeding. I told her to “get bent” as Lon says and told her to mind her own business. It’s whatever works best for you and your baby. God isn’t going to punish you if you don’t breast feed. And how dare anyone judge. That is for God to do…not you!!!

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Audrey Petersen You tell em shultz! I couldn’t agree with any of you more. And Alexis, that was totally sweet what you said to your sister. You both are awesome mommys…Now, when do I finally get to meet either baby???!!!

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Mary Climie Schultz Shalom just do what you know is best for my grandson, you don’t have to answer to anyone but Chris and God. None of my children were breast fed and they turned out healthier than most breast fed babies.

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  Just finished paying August’s bills. Not a particularly exciting thing to do, but I do get a sense of satisfaction from ‘tying up loose ends’ after living in the Twilight Zone for nearly 2 weeks. Now, if only I could manage to keep enough clean burp cloths around for more than 2 days…

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  Connor farted so loudly in his sleep last night that he scared himself awake, arms & legs flailing everywhere. It was a proud moment for his papa.

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  Hopes that I am never the kind of ‘friend’ who can’t take it when others don’t see things my way and who writes them off completely over one disagreement. I hope I am never so proud that I feel I don’t have room left to learn anything from anyone else or that my opinions could be changed through persuasive arguments. ‘Agree to disagree’ is what REAL adults do these days. ‘Taking your ball and going home’ leads to a very lonely life.

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  Am already sliding down a slippery slope…instead of changing out of the super-comfy sweat pants I JUST pulled out of the dryer before feeding Connor, when he puked all over them, I decided I’d rather just scrub the spot with a soapy rag so I could keep wearing them, at least for one more day. I have enough laundry piled up as it is.

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Laura Nolen Robbins You’re defiantly a mommy now!!! It’s ok we’ve all been there. : )

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Chris Schultz  

Old timey Baptists can have horrible manners

Here’s a thought: If you happen to be an old school, judgmental type of Baptist who would rather focus on the fact that someone dared to wear a nice dressy hat to church and feel the need to reprimand them in front of their family rather than focusing on the fact that they have shown up for the first time since they’ve had a 10 yr in the making child that they are excited about debuting to everyone in the church….(takes a deep breath)….Just keep your thoughts, opinions and misguided translations of the Bible to yourself, and just keep as far away from me as you can! I will NOT let you ruin this for me!

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Laura Nolen Robbins  Some people will never learn!!!

September 4 at 9:10pm · Like

Emily Bosma  I don’t visit churches like that anymore.

September 4 at 9:25pm · Like

Chris Schultz   Emily, you hit the nail on the head. That is exactly my point. Ppl like that do soooo much damage to the church. If I were a visitor or a new member it would drive me away for sure.

September 4 at 9:27pm · Like

Emily Bosma  My church is concerned about the heart, not the outward appearance.

And a hat? Seriously?

September 4 at 9:33pm · Like ·  3 people

Brandy Welvaert  This type of stuff is why I stopped attending church at the tender age of 17. I was standing outside of my church, and the kids I was hanging out with at the time started ragging on a kid who wasn’t there based on his clothes. I never went back. It was a knee jerk reaction at the time, and sometimes I regret it, but mostly I don’t. I love Jesus a lot, I just am not very much like him so far.

September 4 at 9:40pm · Like

Rebeccah Davis  Dude, I thought you looked pretty sharp this morning! And Connor is adorable!! Don’t let anyone take that proud father happiness from you!

September 4 at 9:43pm · Like ·  4 people

Brian Houston  I always wonder how faithful people like that are in their personal Bible reading & prayer. If I were a betting man…

September 4 at 10:28pm · Like

Brian Houston  Water off a duck’s back, my brother. Pay no attention to the Pharisee behind the curtain.

September 4 at 10:29pm · Like ·  2 people

Brian Houston  People like that put the “Old” in Old Timey Baptists. See, now you got me started.

September 4 at 10:30pm · Like ·  1 person

Brian Houston  Ok, one more comment on this, and I’m going to bed. One of my favorite quotes that I’ve had to remind myself of far too often is this: Christianity is NOT about Christians…it’s about Christ. Keep that in front of you, and when other Christians let you down (and I use the term “Christian” loosely, because one can be saved and not be a Christian, since “Christian” means you’re like Christ), you can move past that and focus on the One who won’t let you down. I know you already know this, but sometimes we just need a refresher course.

September 4 at 10:37pm · Like ·  4 people

Cindy Elliott Cordes WHO does that!!!????

September 5 at 6:20am · Like

Cindy Elliott Cordes  I’m sorry that happened, Chris. I tell myself in situations like that to make sure I never treat someone that way. It was great to meet Connor and your sister and family yesterday! God bless you.

September 5 at 6:22am · Like ·  1 person

Mary Climie Schultz  Chris it isn’t about Baptists, those kind of people are everywhere, and what have I taught you about bucking the traditions of men?

September 5 at 7:16am · Unlike ·  4 people

Rachel Murphy-Kline  Oh my. Ppl like that everywhere…like Brian said, “water off a duck’s back”. You can’t control what ppl think/say/do, but you can control your reaction to it. Be proud of your son, daddy!!!!

September 5 at 8:59am · Like ·  3 people

Kristin Strickler Cadwallader  I’m sorry you guys had to endure that at church of all places. People blur the line between personal conviction and biblical conviction way too often. Congrats on your new baby!!

September 5 at 10:36am · Like

Charley Kabala  Sorry this happened to you. I had no idea until I read your post. I agree with Brian, keep your eyes on Christ and draw closer to him. People will let us down, disillusion us, even make us want to quit going to church, but it is our choice to follow Jesus every day. He will never disappoint us or judge us wrongly.

September 5 at 11:07am · Like ·  1 person


Sandy Kabala  I wrote the above comment. Didn’t realize I was on dad’s fb. You’re a great daddy already and that is what matters!!

September 5 at 11:10am · Like

John Beeler  Thank the Lord, that one person doesn’t make a church…Chris you looked studly as always, and your testimony about Conner was off the hook…I am sorry not everyone has changed with our church, but I am so excited about the ones who have and the new ones we are attracting… and for what it is worth, I just don’t get those people, if they are not going to change and become like Christ, then we need there seat for someone who will…its about loving God, and loving others…and we love you guys!

September 5 at 11:12am · Like ·  1 person

Chris Schultz  Never doubted that for a second john. I love what is happening at legacy and I am proud to bring in a new member. 🙂

September 5 at 12:01pm · Like

John Beeler  Between reaching them and birthing them…we have a growth explosion on our hands :o)

September 5 at 1:42pm · Like ·  1 person

Mary Climie Schultz  Praise the Lord, I’m glad to hear that Legacy is still growing

September 5 at 6:38pm · Like

Shalom Kabala Schultz  It was a beautiful, long-awaited moment. In my 32 years I have learned that there are some people whose friendship and good opinion are worth pursuing and others whose…aren’t. I was so proud to be there as your wife, watching you introduce our much-loved son. Your sweet words will forever be etched in my memory and THAT is what I will think of always when I remember that day. Nothing else 🙂

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Mary Climie Schultz I heard Chris had to speak…wish I’d of been there for that

September 5 at 7:59pm · Like

Shalom Kabala Schultz  Since I seem to spend the better part of my day sitting in bed watching TV while feeding my son, I decided to try ‘audiobooks’ instead. Always preferred ‘real’ books, but I’m starting to feel like a complete slob and need to be able to do something productive during this ‘down time’ that doesn’t require hands. How much longer til he can hold his own bottle? lol (just kidding)

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Chris Schultz  Product: Baby’s first hand print.

Alternate Name for Product: Baby’s first mouthful of plaster.

How did we not see that coming???

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  Connor’s stump fell off yesterday. I cried at the realization that the last part of what attached us for 9 months is now gone…also at the small milestone that indicates my baby boy is growing & growing up. So happy yet so sad at the same time. Strange feelings… it came off in the sink while he was getting a sponge bath under the faucet…I briefly thought about keeping it, but then thought that was probably a road of super-sentimental mommy weirdness I didn’t want to go down.

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  Sneaking eskimo kisses while my lil nuzzler is napping…new favorite pastime.

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  Connor made a new record of 4 HOURS last night….of keeping me awake 😦 But he’s making up for it by being so adorable today. Did I mention how much I LOVE coffee and LOVE God for creating it in the first place???!!! lol

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  Crockpot chili bubbling away. Homemade apple crisp in oven, cornbread next in line. Baby asleep. Hubby relaxing on couch. For me, nothing else accomplished today but domesticated bliss & that’s enough 🙂

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  Just going through pictures and this was one of the wall decorations for my Dr. Seuss-themed baby shower…I think I am going to adopt it as my “life verse” 🙂

Wall Photos

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Denise Eldridge Allen  stopping by to say hello & check in on Connor. How’s the little guy doing?

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Chris Schultz  stopping by the house? lol

September 11 at 7:22pm · Like


Denise Eldridge Allen  i wish (did I scare ya)! = )

September 11 at 7:25pm · Like

Chris Schultz   nah just seemed odd lol

September 11 at 7:26pm · Like

Denise Eldridge Allen  stopping by your facebook hood lol

September 11 at 7:27pm · Like

Chris Schultz  he let me sleep for almost 3 hrs last night lol

September 11 at 7:27pm · Like

Denise Eldridge Allen  progress!

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  Contentment is not the fufillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already have.

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Mary Climie Schultz Amen, good stuff

September 13 at 1:00pm · Like

Chris Schultz Good job reading that bumper sticker babe. lol

September 13 at 5:56pm · Like


Shalom Kabala Schultz   It was a quote from today’s devotional reading that stood out to me. Not that I’d expect YOU to grasp it’s deeper meaning :p

September 13 at 6:13pm · Like

Mary Climie Schultz LOL

September 13 at 8:01pm · Like


Shalom Kabala Schultz  This weather is only missing some fiery colors on the trees to make it perfect. I feel like…BAKING. So you know it has to be ‘something in the air’.

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  Aahhhh…it’s good to be clean.

Mobile Uploads

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Candace Chitwood Sweet boy!

September 15 at 1:17pm · Like

Brandy Welvaert melt my heart!

September 15 at 1:32pm · Like

Mary Climie Schultz So that’s what contentment looks like….how sweet.

September 15 at 1:40pm · Like


Shalom Kabala Schultz   He had his first ‘real’ bath today in his whale tub. I got it on video, if you want to watch it when you get here 🙂

September 15 at 1:43pm · Like

Denise Eldridge Allen Adorable! His eyes are so stinkin’ cute!

September 15 at 2:36pm · Like


Shalom Kabala Schultz   I love it when I can capture a moment like this – with his eyes wide open and happy. Usually his ‘awake’ expression is ‘grumpy old man who needs a nap’, lol

September 15 at 2:40pm · Like ·  2 people

Tabitha Kabala He’s so chubby and cute! I can’t wait to meet him!

September 15 at 4:20pm · Like

Rachel Murphy-Kline He is soooo cute!

September 15 at 5:21pm · Like

Mary Climie Schultz I’d love to watch the video

September 15 at 7:12pm · Like

Phil Kline ‎“OK, She’s relaxing. I’m gonna wait until she’s totally calm and scream in 3……2…….1.

September 15 at 7:15pm · Like


Shalom Kabala Schultz   Phil, did you plant a hidden camera in my house or something? Lol

September 15 at 7:23pm · Like


Shalom Kabala Schultz  Connor slept 6.5 hours last night, then another 2 after his 6am feeding!!! Yesterday was so awful with his crankiness, that I found myself literally ‘crying’ out in prayer for a better night and day today. Good to know God is still in the business of hearing and answering prayers…no matter how small 🙂

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  I haven’t put together a photo album in 10 years…since my wedding. Don’t remember it being this much of a ‘challenge’ (gotta get all the pics off my camera, phone, computer in 50 different folders, my Facebook albums, other people’s facebook albums, Flickr, etc.). Kind of miss the ‘good old days’ when you had no idea what kind of pictures you were getting til you got the envelopes back from Walmart, but at least they were all there in the same place, the same size and ready to go.

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Shalom Kabala Schultz  Happy ONE MONTH Birthday, Connor!!! You sure are a cute 10 lb chunkaroo 🙂

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