A Hard Road Home (Part Nine) Belly Shots

Sandy and I stayed in town, and slept at Seth and Amy’s house, following the reunion dinner.  It was nice to begin seeing them and the grandchildren again, without distraction.  We spent the next afternoon with Chris and a very 37 ½ weeks pregnant Shalom.  After dinner, she handed me her older point-and-shoot camera, and asked if I could take a few “belly shot” pictures of her and Chris, to remember this moment in their lives.  I had a better, professional camera in the car, and thought about getting it instead, but for once, I realized that it would be rude to do so.  This wasn’t about me.  She hadn’t asked for studio prints that I would be proud of; she’d asked only to remember this moment in their lives.  I took the camera.

Then, she decided to dress up─in black.  And, she wanted the pictures backlit, in front of a window.  And, I knew this camera, with its tiny onboard flash, was not going to cut it.  I excused myself, and went out to the car.

During the preparations for the reunion, I had found I would need a light source for the faces of the people using the livestream camera.  The hall did not have anything I could use, so I had gone out and bought a cheap, clip-on lamp, and an extension cord.  I brought these into the house now, disabled her camera’s onboard flash, used the lamp to direct fill light where it was needed, and took pictures.

“Oh, I had wanted to wear my wedding ring in these pictures,” she lamented, “but I can’t get it on my swollen finger anymore.  Maybe we could Photoshop it in later.”

“I don’t think you’ll really care, Shalom.  You look beautiful,” said Chris.



Shalom Kabala Schultz My awesome dad created miracle shots today with my ancient camera and only my living room as background. Moments to remember forever. Thanks daddy!!!

Belly Shots

‎37 1/2 weeks. Big day is just around the corner!!!

By: Shalom Kabala Schultz

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Angelia CruisinCougar Bovee I love these photos!

August 7 at 6:36pm · Like


Jim Moens So that’s what love looks like. Beautiful pics.

August 7 at 7:51pm · Like

Sharon Boyd Lovely . . . . . and loving, pictures!!!

August 7 at 7:55pm · Like


Denise Eldridge Allen Beautiful! Won’t be long…

August 7 at 8:36pm · Like


Brandy Welvaert You are so beautiful, Shalom. I’m sending you much love for the good work you are about to do. 🙂

August 7 at 9:47pm · Like


Mike Kabala I dedicated my morning meditation to you today. Hope your discomfort is short and the joy of a new child comes soon.

August 7 at 10:33pm · Like

Mary Climie Schultz Beautiful pics hon…Conner is very handsome:)

August 8 at 6:07am · Like


Jennifer Young Laging Those are amazing!! You look so happy and beautiful!!

August 8 at 6:48am · Like


Heidi Hess LOVE THEM!

August 8 at 11:38am · Like


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One Response to A Hard Road Home (Part Nine) Belly Shots

  1. Shalom says:

    You did an amazing job!!! Thanks again 🙂

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