A Hard Road Home (Part Two) The Reaction


I took my picture with me when I went back to work, but by then, my image had been all over the internet. “I’ve seen that picture already!” exclaimed one co-worker.  “It’s on the Dwyer and Michaels web page.”

In the days following my little excursion, I achieved a small measure of notoriety.  Among my social networking friends, I received mostly thumbs up responses, but from my family, mostly slaps.  One even suggested I would one day be a candidate for the Darwin award. In one sense, I was annoyed by the paternalistic nature of some of these chastisements.  After all, a man’s got to do what he’s got to do, even if others don’t understand.  And don’t we all deserve the freedom to live without having to ask permission?  Life is not about being bland. I was touched by all the outpourings of concern over me, and yet, because I did not think I had been in any grave danger, I dismissed those concerns.

My Page:




Charley Kabala  Charley’s not-so-excellent adventure, walking two miles home through the blizzard, in the dark, against a 35 mph wind, down a deserted gravel road (wonder why?), after driving off the left side of the road (at 5 mph!), in a whiteout, which left the four-wheel-drive useless as the entire truck was suspended by snow.  Guess I’ll have something to tell the grandkids now.  “Back in my days….”

February 2 at 1:08pm · Like 

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Linda C. Kelty   Wow, I hope you get your vehicle out. Glad you made it home okay. Frostbitten at all?

February 2 at 1:28pm ·Like


Charley Kabala  Frostbitten? No, windchill was -3, but the actual temperature was 18 degrees. As for the truck, it’ll get towed out eventually (within a week, I’m hoping). >:-/

February 2 at 2:17pm ·Like

James Hintze  what in the world were you doing out inthe first place?? Got Milk??

February 2 at 2:35pm ·Like

Charley Kabala  Ha! No, I was coming home from work. Ironically, as one of the “five people the plant can’t run without”, the company had offered to put me up for the night in DeWitt. But, I had already made arrangements to take Wednesday off, and two of the five were more readily available, so I opted to go home. Would have made it, too, if not for that 50 foot whiteout.

February 2 at 3:19pm ·Like

Linda C. Kelty  That you got back to within 2 miles of home is pretty impressive. That had to be a difficult trek!

February 2 at 3:28pm ·Like

Charley Kabala  Driving in snow is not all that difficult, Linda. Driving blind is what caused the problem. 😦 Today, however, I am relaxing at home with a nice cup of Cappucharley.  8-{)

February 2 at 5:09pm ·Like·1 person

Tom Whitehouse  you da man

February 2 at 9:28pm ·Like

James Hintze  do I detect a shot of kahlua underneath the whipped cream ???

February 2 at 10:09pm ·Like

Linda C. Kelty  That’s a yummy looking Charleychino!

February 2 at 1:28pm ·Like·1 person

Charley Kabala  Thanks, Linda, and no, Jim, I don’t drink. I love my Cappucharleys Shirley Temple-esque. 8-{d Mmmmm.

February 2 at 11:28pm ·Like

Sandy’s Page:

Sandy Kabala 

added a new photo. 


Family Pictures

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Sandy Kabala  Yukon Charley braves the blizzard of 2011

February 1 at 8:44pm · Like


Shalom Kabala Schultz  He looks frozen solid!February 1 at 8:48pm · Like



Sandy Kabala  Charley wasn’t home by 7:30, so Trevor and I started walking down our road looking for him. When we saw him he had walked two miles from the highway aftergoing in the ditch in a white out!!February 1 at 8:49pm · Like



Jenny Liagre  oh no that stinks!

February 1 at 8:49pm · Like



Shalom Kabala Schultz  Thank God he’s OK. February 1 at 8:50pm · Like


Sandy Kabala 

Thank the Lord, he is ok, just exhausted from walking in the blowing snow.

February 1 at 8:50pm · Like


Hope Borchardt Meyer  Whoa! That is a man who is cold! Was he stuck?

February 1 at 9:15pm · Like



Hope Borchardt Meyer  man, I just read the other comments! Glad he’s safe!

February 1 at 9:16pm · Like


Tabitha Kabala  He looks like Mr Edwards! Seriously though is he ok? How are his feet and fingers?

February 1 at 9:22pm · Like


Shalom Kabala Schultz  Daddy, next time please stay in the car until help comes to you. That picture makes me want to burst into tears thinking about what ‘could’ have happened. I’d like you to stick around for a few more decades, please. =)

February 1 at 9:28pm · Like


Sandy Kabala  Dad fell asleep on the couch, just totally done in. I hope he never walks home in this kind of weather again! God was watching over him.

February 1 at 9:31pm · Like


Hope Bredeson  WHOA!!! Charley…you look like the abominable snowman…U poor guy, please thaw out & stay in…USE that beautiful new tub & take a nice hot bath, then walk around on the heated bathroom floor to warm those tootsies of yours…so glad U R safe…what a scare

February 1 at 9:32pm · Like



Hope Borchardt Meyer  Yes, God was looking out for him. There’s no other explanation!

February 1 at 9:33pm · Like


Sarah Kabala  This looks kinda macho and funny since it worked out, but people die from stunts like that. A college boy froze to death while walking in a blizzard inAmes just last year. So, I’m glad Uncle Charlie is okay, and please never ever ever do anything like that again!

February 1 at 9:33pm · Like



Mike Kabala  Hey bro’ I’m glad your survival skills kicked in, but take Shalom’s advice and stay in the car if it ever happens again. I’d hate to lose a loved one like that!

February 1 at 9:44pm · Like



Joel Kabala  Ditto to that. Take care of yourself. Make sure that you have the right supplies (and a phone) with you in the car for stuff like this.

February 1 at 10:00pm · Like



Shalom Kabala Schultz  Blankets. Food. Flashlight. First Aid Kit. Bright colored fabric to tie onto your car so ppl can find you. A Cell Phone. Did I say a Cell Phone? Don’t forget the Cell Phone. =)

February 1 at 10:12pm · Like ·  1 person



Seth Andrew Kabala  Dad, God doesn’t give second chances lightly, and I think third chances are unheard of. We all love you and will gladly help you use this second chance wisely, as will the survival gear you WILL put in your car where you WILL stay put if this ever happens again. If it does, and I find you wandering in the snow, I’ll help you to safety, but I’ll kick your ass first. Love you, Dad. Be safe 🙂

February 1 at 10:17pm · Like ·  1 person



Don Gilbert  Wise words Seth, but I think you should wait to kick his butt until it thaws first, otherwise, you may just break your foot – he looks frozen solid.February 2 at

8:42am · Like

Shalom’s Page:

Shalom Kabala Schultz  Thank you Lord for protecting my father as he walked the 2 miles home in this blizzard after his car went into a ditch. Thank you that my mom and brother found him and were able to help him home before he became disoriented. Thank you that he wasn’t injured in the accident and please help him not to become seriously ill after this incident. I’m sure I’ll be able to laugh about it this time next year, but not now.Like ·

February 1 at 10:04pm Karen Mohs, Don Gilbert, Seth Andrew Kabala and 9 others like this.


Angelia CruisinCougar Bovee omg shalom! glad he’s okay!

February 1 at 10:05pm · Like



Laverne McKinley Allison  Praying for your fam Shalom!

February 1 at 10:13pm · Like



Kristin Strickler Cadwallader  ptl

February 1 at 10:14pm · Like



Shalom Kabala Schultz  lol. I’m not going to tell him that tho. We don’t want him getting any ideas about trying this again. =)

February 1 at 10:26pm · Like



Ahminda West  I thought your pict was something you found via web! Not your dad!! So glad he is ok…hope your family can breathe easy now

February 1 at 10:36pm · Like



Denise Eldridge Allen  oh my goodness Shalom! That is so sad! I sure hope he is okay and doesn’t get pneumonia!

February 1 at 10:56pm · Like



Denise Eldridge Allen  by the way.. who ran for the camera instead of a towel?? lol

February 1 at 10:57pm · Like



Shalom Kabala Schultz  One of my brothers. Men.

February 1 at 11:01pm · Like



Trevor Kabala  That was actually dads idea

February 1 at 11:04pm · Like



Shalom Kabala Schultz  Ah. Figures, the photographer. =)

So glad you were able to find him and help him home!

February 1 at 11:07pm · Like ·  1 person



Sharon Boyd  He’s a very lucky man! Hopefully, he won’t have any side effects later. I’ve never seen anybody with solid ice attached to themselves like that! Is there a mustache under all that ice??

February 1 at 11:48pm · Like



Heidal Maria Hinsenkamp Nannini  i will be praying for him!

February 2 at 1:47am · Like



Jim Moens  A brave man. He will be fine.

February 2 at 6:42am · Like



Don Gilbert  Lexi said something like this happened a number of years back, but that time he had a blanket that he was able to wrap around him before he made the trek home.

February 2 at 8:30am · Like



Cindy Elliott Cordes  Wow! I’m praying for Him.

February 2 at 9:19am · Like



Mary Climie Schultz  Somebody needs to buy your dad a cell-phone. I’m glad everything worked out for him.

February 2 at 9:30am · Like ·  1 person



Shalom Kabala Schultz  was just thinking about how I said a quick prayer yesterday when the storm first hit for protection for everyone out in it but especially for those I love. I wasn’t thinking of anyone in particular, but clearly God heard me and sent his angels to the rescue. I am amazed at His goodness all over again.

February 2 at 10:14am · Like



Melissa White Proctor  OMG! I’m so glad he is ok Shalom. Your dad is definitely hardcore and am thankful God’s protective hand was on him. 🙂

February 2 at 12:25pm · Like



Angie Franklin  Oh my. I didn’t know that happened! Thank the Lord he is okay!

February 2 at 1:53pm · Like



Ann Eldridge Campbell  So sorry this happened to him! Can’t believe pic you posted…it’s a miracle they found him when they did…he could have passed out in snow! God is so good!

February 2 at 2:32pm · Like



Teri Calhoun Taylor  Oh my goodness but that really is a miracle!

February 3 at 5:05am · Like

Drew’s Page:


Drew Kabala  Is seriously thanking god after my father made it home alive after getting stuck in the ditch and walking two miles home in this blizzard… I’d like to have a dad for at least a few more decades…Like ·

February 1 at 9:53pm via mobile Seth Andrew Kabala, Jenny Liagre, Randin Joy Turner and 10 others like this.



Katie Weirup  Wow! Go Dad!

February 1 at 9:55pm · Like



Shalom Kabala Schultz  Yup. Don’t let him back in a car without a survival kit, his cell phone, and a few healthy reminders.

February 1 at 10:01pm · Like



Drew Kabala  Well he doesn’t have a cell phone but this is a pretty good excuse to get one I’d say…

February 1 at 10:05pm · Like ·  1 person



Shalom Kabala Schultz  Yuppers.

February 1 at 10:09pm · Like



Hope Borchardt Meyer  He could get a track phone. Those are pretty reasonable.

February 2 at 9:06am · Like



Karen Mohs  Wow! I’m thanking God too!!!!

February 2 at 12:36pm · Like

Tabitha’s Page:

Tabitha Kabala  Is glad my dad is home safe. He walked 1 and 1/2 miles home in this weather because his truck went into the ditch in a white out. His mustache was frozen solid and I’m hoping he doesn’t have frostbite. I am thanking the angels that kept him on the road and helped my mom and brother find him. Daddy, please don’t ever do that again!Like ·

February 1 at 9:38pm · Cindy Elliott Cordes, Shalom Kabala Schultz, Drew Kabala and 2 others like this.



Kori Kay  Oh nos!

February 1 at 9:44pm · Like



Kathryn Thomas  Glad he made it safely!! Not good weather to be stuck in…

February 1 at 9:50pm · Like



Shalom Kabala Schultz  I’m just glad he didn’t become disoriented and fall into a ditch himself…Mom said Trevor had to help him walk up the driveway. So scary. He doesn’t need to be macho. He can just be Mr. ‘fluffy’ and we’ll love him just the same. =)

February 1 at 9:59pm · Like



Kristine Lynn Menghini  Glad ur dad is safe also Tabbi, I also got in a serious car accident this morning while going to work. On the inerstate and got hit on my drivers side….windshield shattered/car’s totalled

February 1 at 10:43pm · Like



Audrey Petersen  Didn’t he have a cell phone? Or let me guess no service out there?

February 2 at 3:16am · Like



Tabitha Kabala  Yikes Kristine! Are you ok? Audrey-No he didn’t have a cell phone with him, but you’re probably right it wouldn’t have worked anyway. I wish he would have stopped at one of the farmhouses along the way and called from there though! In fact they probably would have given him a ride!

February 2 at 2:25pm · Like



Kristine Lynn Menghini  Yah I’m alright, just was a close call and scary, now the fun of looking for a new car 🙂

February 4 at 7:39pm · Like

Trevor’s Page:


Trevor Kabala  Thankyou God for getting my dad home safely after going in the ditch and walking home two miles in this blizzardLike ·

February 1 at 10:30pm via mobile Tabitha Kabala, Jenny Liagre, Shalom Kabala Schultz and 7 others like this.

Seth’s Page:


Seth Andrew Kabala  My father is still alive after walking two miles in this blizzard after he went in the ditch. My father is an idiot, but alive. Love you, Dad, you stupid man. Like ·

February 1 at 10:21pm via mobile · Shalom Kabala Schultz, Randin Joy Turner, Drew Kabala and 5 others like this.



Karen Mohs  Praise God he is okay! How scary!!!

February 2 at 12:37pm · Like

Other Posts:


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Mary Climie Schultz  Awww, I miss all my babies



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Mike Kabala  I’m glad I don’t have any snow pictures to post! Almost lost a brother to the weather though. Thank God he’s OK



Alexis Anne Gilbert  Thanking God for protecting my Dad and keeping him alive after he walked home 2 miles in a snowstorm. I will be praying that he does not do it again. We need him around for a while.



Teri Calhoun Taylor  I love being snowed in with the power on! Will’s bank even closed today! We have almost 3′ drifts on our deck.



Tara Wellman  is probably in the very limited minority, but I’m loving this blizzard! Bring it.



Don Gilbert  With everyone else posting pictures of the Great Blizzard of 2011, I figured I’d post a video! (Don’t worry, no [insert something here] was harmed in the making of this video.)


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Alexis Anne Gilbert  There’s a mountain of snow outside my appt.



Drew Kabala  Yeah we get it KWQC, there was a storm, now can we hear some news other than that or are you gonna piggy back this story all night? Lol



Jenny Liagre  walked down my street…yup it’s deep!



Seth Andrew Kabala  ‎”It’s up to your knees out there.



Seth Andrew Kabala  Forecast according to Weatherbug: “snow.”Duh.

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