Fitness Challenge, and other ramblings

I told Sandy I wanted to start a team to participate in the LiveHealthyIowa 100 Day Wellness Challenge.  I said we’d call ourselves the Iron Butts.  She just laughed at me and said, “more like the Lead Butts.”


So, okay, while we’re on the subject, Sandy was talking to granddaughter Anna, when Anna pointed at their little beagle, Ladybug, and stated, “She doesn’t have a butt.”

“Ladybug has a bottom,” said Christianly-correct Sandy.

“No, she doesn’t have a butt.”

“Well, what is this, then,” asked Sandy, pointing.

“That.” said Anna, “is a tail.  It’s not a butt.”

Anna’s mother, who’d apparently had this conversation before, , then joined in with, “What are underwear for, Anna?”

“They’re for butts.”


I’d go on, but…

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