“But Gampa,” she said, “it’s not even dark outside.”

I arrived home from work Sunday morning to an unexpected blessing: the grand-children had spent the night, and were already up, and eating breakfast, and cheerful, and full of energy. Too bad I felt like an exhausted, rickety old bag o’ bones, after working thirteen hours (time change), and imitating a pretzel all night (a job requirement for maintenance workers). So, I hugged them, and greeted them, but then told Anna that she would have to enjoy her Grandma only today, because Grandpa was going to bed. She looked up at me expectantly, like someone waiting for the punch line to be delivered. When it didn’t come, she glanced at the window, and then back at me.

“But, Gampa,” she said, “it’s not even dark outside.”

Life should be so simple. Did we really gain anything from the Industrial Revolution?

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